• Image showing the proposed bridge pavement

Project Description

This project is a complete bridge reconstruction. Both the north and southbound bridges will be removed. Two new bridges will be constructed over Goddard Road and Sexton-Kilfoil Drain. This will improve the vertical profile of Goddard Road.

The Goddard Road bridge facts:
    • 2,000 foot-long span is no longer needed
    • Bridge is in poor condition
    • Maintenance costs are significant
    • Existing vertical sight distance is obstructed by substandard profile
    • Existing shoulder widths are too narrow

Proposed Benefits:
    • Improved vertical sight distance
    • Standard shoulder widths
    • Reduced maintenance costs
• Improved aesthetics
  • Image showing the proposed bridge pavement

Revised Profile

With the existing Conrail railroad spur no longer in operation, the Goddard Road Bridge can be reduced in length and height. A lower profile with improved sight distance will be provided to improve operations.

  • Image showing the proposed bridge pavement

Obsolete Bridge

The need for a big bridge over Goddard is obsolete.

Future Maintenance

Future maintenance costs of the existing bridge would be significant if the structure is not replaced.

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