The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is beginning a $56.5 million project to remove and replace concrete pavement and sewers in southwest Detroit between.  This project will also include the installation of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and fiber optic upgrade between the I-75/I-96 interchange and West Road in Woodhaven. ITS will be used to gather and share road information: cameras, dynamic message signs (DMS), travel times, etc.

This project is in addition to the current I-75 Rouge River Detroit-Downriver Connection project and will be an extension of the current southbound work zone. By performing this work during the "I-75 Rouge" project between Springwells Street and Northline Road, it will modify current lane closures and traffic safety devices to save time, money, and future inconvenience to drivers and residents.


One southbound lane will remain open from Clark Avenue to Springwells Street where traffic must exit for the freeway closure. This work will continue through the winter of 2017 and is expected to be completed next fall 2018. This project will follow "I-75 Rouge" with southbound traffic detoured and northbound traffic remaining open and shifted onto new pavement through the next year.

To safely merge traffic into one lane, barrels will be placed north of the I-75/I-96 interchange and drivers will have one ramp lane to southbound I-75 and one ramp lane to westbound I-96 which has four lanes open. Drivers are strongly encouraged to use the westbound I-96 detour to avoid the I-75 work zones and closure. 

Ambassador bridge traffic will continue the current configuration of cars exiting to westbound I-96 and trucks exiting onto one lane of southbound I-75 into the work zone.